Welcome to TouchConvert CMS 10.1 Installation

Welcome to virteom's Installation

Step 1: Checking Server Environment...
PHP 7+ is running on this server.
BCRYPT is installed on the server.
DOMDocument is installed on the server.
CURL is installed on the server.

Step 2: Download and install this default database on your server.

Step 3: Create a config file at this location with this name '/virteom/security/config/conf.outlookproductivitytraining_com.php' , then copy and paste the code below into the config file. Make the neccesary adjustments to match your server setup.

Step 4: Make sure to create this web.config file and place it in the root of your website.

Step 5: You are all set. You should be able to refresh this page and the default site will appear. If you need to return to this screen, just remove the config file.

IMPORTANT: You can access the control panel of the RocketSites CMS by going to this link http://outlookproductivitytraining.com/virteom
Cannot find database array. Please create a new config file to resolve.